Sunday, January 10, 2010

Like I Promised: New Year's Resolutions

I have made two of them. One of which I am sort of breaking at this very moment. I did not opt for the usual resolutions. I am not going to plan on losing weight or getting in shape. They may come as inadvertent side effects of living 2000 miles from the closest Zips or 600 miles from a venti frappacchino. Why set my self of for success, right? That would be so ridiculous when one is making a promise to accomplish something throughout the year. It is so much more in line with tradition to make a goal that you plan to forget within the first week of January.
No seriously, I did make legitimate New Year's Resolutions. My first and probably the one I plan to be very deliberate about keeping is to waste less time on the computer, namely facebook. I can spend way too much time staring at a strangely lit screen lurking on other people's facebook pages, but I have something so much more important to do: play with my Eloise. She is so much more important than facebook, email, online banking, free cell, or other technology distractions. I don't want to throw away valuable time connecting with something emotion-less posing as a better way to connect with those you love. I love my family too much to give up the best of me to a keyboard and mouse. My efforts can be better employed enjoying the fascinating process of watching my 1 year grow and develop. I have to also pair this plan with the rising fame I am experiencing with my blog. I have a growing fan base. I have gone from 7 to 8 followers. Golly have I hit the big time or what? I have to keep my priorities straight. Family first, then fame.

My other resolution for the year is to drink more water. I have been keeping my water bottle (BPA free) full and handy. I have been doing alright with this resolution. I have a somewhat of a decent chance of fulfilling this plan for the rest of the year...and hey, the rest of my life. I have to drink water to live.  I can't totally tank on this one. That was a wise choice on my part since I am not a self destructive person. I don't plan on getting so parched that I perish. What a teacher-thing to do, pick a goal that I can almost surely have complete success in. Gosh, I am good.

Here are resolutions that I mulled over that didn't make the cut:
Shave my legs daily
Keep a spotless house (with a 1 year old...yah right)
Jog regularly (when it is -20...great plan)
Eat more bran/fiber (gross)
Make fewer chocolate chip cookies (there would be a mutiny...and I would end up marooned on a not-so-tropical deserted island)

Eat less fried food (except it is the best way to have old salmon)
Make my bed everyday (heck no...too much work)
Eat out less (there is something resembling a restaurant 60 miles away)
Watch less TV (TV reception...what?)
Renew my subscription to Better Homes and Gardens (if I only had a home I could better or a garden...I have yet to see even seen a lawn)
Eat more salmon (that is laughable)
Spend more time at home (being a SAHM...I could curb my lunch duty at the school 50 ft away from my front thanks)
Don't make New Year's Resolutions

We would love to hear some of your resolutions.
Happy 2010 to everyone!

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  1. Hey Jiorgia - I don't know if we ever met, but my husband, Galen, is on the MSSP. I recieved an e-mail about your moving from Gloria of course, and was curious about it. So I have followed your journey quite faithfully, and find your style of writing to be so amusing, and so, I haven't been able to stop! I thought I would help your climb to fame and bring your number to nine!! New Year's resolutions? hmmmm.... definitely not into Salmon!