Thursday, August 25, 2011

A little about our accomodations

Let me begin by saying that some day I look forward to living in non-district housing. As wonderful as it is to live in the best of school housing (the principal usually gets the top pick) there are some draw backs. It is always interesting to walk into furnished housing and find some vision. I spend most of the day in my house, so I have got to do something with the aesthetics. The mish-mash of "quality" furniture provided by the district, random items left by previous employees, and shop-class shelving has to be arranged in some semblance of order and beauty.
When we walked into our house in Noorvik this is what I beheld. If this isn't the best of the best I am not sure what is. NO snickering please.

Yes, folks, those are green cupboard doors. I am sure that would be your first choice too.
The dimly lit hallway separating the living room from EVERYTHING

Is that a teal couch? Why yes it is. Where did you get that nifty TV wall mount?

Too bad you can't tell that the back of that recliner has a purple velvet cover...I're jealous

Random book case with glass shelves...thank you who ever lived here a loooonnnnggg time ago.   

The metal walls remind me of a gas station bathroom from the 60s

And yes those are very very YELLOW blinds on the window paired with shop class shelves
All I have to say is PINK...side effects include: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of vision, inner ear pain, severe muscle spasms, seizures, and in rare cases death

There are certainly some aspects that are very entertaining, as seen above. All kidding aside, I love how much closet space I have, the view from my living room window or from all my windows, ALL OF THE WATER I GET TO USE, a much bigger kitchen, no stairs, no free standing monitor stove, and a mom who works for Pier 1 willing to help with the aesthetics a bit.


  1. I see you have Eloise washing dishes. With the kids pictured in the living, room, it's clear that it's a bit more open than I thought. The couch is darker than I pictured, but I think the curtains will still work just fine. I'm a little concerned that the duck cloth won't be the right shade of beige (for the black chair) to match the love seat. Pre-wash the fabric with something red. It'll warm up the tone. Thanks for the show-n-tell! Now take pictures of the outside of the house, the walk to the school, and the school environs (in your spare time, of course).

  2. WOW!!! Good thing you are so amazing and talented - you will make it your very own in no time!!
    I like the pink bedroom and the green kitchen cabinets!
    BUT the best part is the WATER!!! YEA!

  3. I find in times like that, I have to build my own sanctuary first, which might be a 3'X3' space. Then, move outward.

    (On the plus side, I imagine you are rarely yelling at your children to get their dirty feet off the couch.)