Sunday, November 6, 2011

The View

I haven't written because I have been throwing a long (and perhaps ridiculous) temper tantrum. I have been in the process of "forgiving Noorvik"...a process it has been (see my previous post). Noorvik and its inhabitants have done no wrong; it just isn't Deering. I love to share about our life, but the last thing I want to do it put any complaint valid or invalid in writing.

I thought I would share specifically the changes from my window because this is an ever-changing mark of beauty in my daily life. This view is breathtaking no matter the weather. We live up town (the North end of town in the old section) on a bluff. We overlook the Kobuk River in all its glory. I am blessed beyond measure looking out at this sweeping vista.

Sunset in August - facing West Northwest.


Fall in the morning light - facing North Northeast

Fog on the River - facing North Northeast

Winter comes to the hills - facing North

Freeze up on the river - a thin turquoise crust of ice

The river is frozen and nets are being set beneath the ice

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