Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Plans Change

Each season of life claims its own title. This past ten or eleven months should be called: PLANS CHANGE.

We moved from Noorvik to Nome, from village to hub, intentionally. We felt it was the right time to broaden our children's experience. The village had been a rare and amazing time for our family. Paul and I shared the sentiment that opportunities for music, theatre, and sports were beckoning us to new places however.

We landed in Nome on a bright and beautiful late July day. It was Alaska warm and a little humid. Our eyes were droopy for lack of sleep. That early flight is always a doozy. Our bush life was taking an exciting turn. Jet service. Restaurants. Two grocery stores. Movie theatre. Vehicles. Pavement. Infrastructure.

We had been told that Nome is a great place to raise kids. We indeed found this in the form of incredible people and lots of new things to see and do. We went to the library for story hour. We went to Tundra Tots and Kindergym. We walked on the beach and collected sea glass. We met new friends…really really amazing friends. I was looking forward to connecting with other stay-at-home moms with similar sized little people and connecting with a church family in a new and meaningful way.

Then plans changed.

After five years at home with kids, I took a job as the Director of Nome Preschool. I brought my two littles with me and learned something new. I got settled into a routine and thought to myself: I've got the hang of this. I have some real vision for this job. 

Then plans changed.

About 3 weeks into the job I found out I was pregnant with baby #4. I had no idea how I would manage morning sickness and morning routines that included getting 5 people out the door before 7:15AM. I knew that when baby arrived my time at the preschool would be done. Babies need their mommas and so being back at home was my plan.

Now that we lived in a place with a hospital. I looked forward to having our baby in Nome. I had one child in a village clinic five weeks early. For our next child, I spent the whole third trimester in the lower 48 in a 490 sq. ft. cabin. I looked forward to bringing my fourth baby home to our home, not a hovel in the woods.

On we trotted not sure how things would go, but believing that Nome is a great place to live and work. We hoped to eventually buy a house in Nome. We hoped to spend the coming spring and summer exploring the area. We looked forward to berry picking season. I looked forward to once again being at home and returning the myriad of generosities presented to me from amazing new friends in the way of meals and play dates.

Then plans changed.

After a prenatal visit where baby's heart rate was high and having not been seen by consistent providers, we made the abrupt decision at 37 weeks pregnant to switch gears and have the baby in Spokane under the care of my amazing OB. We waited for baby with the intent of returning to Nome after his birth.

Then plans changed.

It was time to relocate closer to family. Paul resigned as Principal at Nome Elementary School and took a position as principal three hours north of Spokane where are our parents live.

Our next move was to all return to Nome where Paul would finish his contract, I would wrap up things at the preschool, and we would pack.

Then plans changed.

Paul returned to Nome alone to wrap up our life in Alaska into eighteen gallon totes. Here I sit in Spokane, WA not sure how to say, "We're moving. Thank you for embracing us. I'm sorry, so so sorry, this is how I'm saying good-bye."

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  1. Hey, Jiorgia! Congratulations to all of you on your newest addition! Wow what a turn of events! Would love to come & say HI when your dust settles. Seems like you've encountered a storm!!!