Monday, April 27, 2009

An Adventure on the Horizon

About a week and half ago Paul was offered a contract as a principal/teacher in Deering, Alaska. We are so excited about this shift in locale. Deering, Alaska is a remote village in the Northwest Arctic Borough School District. This particular school serves a small community of Alaskan Natives.

The Northwest Arctic Borough School District is famed for a few things. We have been told that the district has the highest retention rate of any school district in Alaska and the Superintendent of the Year calls this region home. We are enthusiastic about all that awaits us in Deering, professionally and otherwise.

We have determined that there is no “on-the-fence” perspective about Alaska. People have been sure to quickly reveal which side they are on. When we tell people we are moving and just exactly how far north it is, we get two responses: 1)”I am glad that you are going and not me.” OR 2) “What an adventure.” No one hides how they feel about Alaska. We don’t want to hide how we feel about Alaska either. We, with hearts pounding, eyes bright, and breath held, are feeling “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE!”

Here is a link to a virtual tour of sorts:

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