Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What to pack or not to pack? That is the question.
Things we will not be taking:
Our enormous collection of heavy books
Our bed (sadly)
Flip Flops
Tube tops (at least Paul's)
Patio Furniture
Paul's Hard Cider
The Piano
Our Car/Truck
The scooter
The lawn mower
Paul's Speedo
The need to remodel anything
Our delicate place settings of china
Exotic plants
Homer Simpson Bottle Opener
Satin Sheets
High Heels
Starbucks gift cards
Collection of antique books
Jiorgia's school papers from as far back as 7th grade, and
The kitchen sink

We would love to hear your "What about..." comments!


  1. what about.... mokasins or glackas or snow shoes or your mushing dog for the iditerod next year?