Monday, August 10, 2009

No news is good news...kind of

I have been checking email and talking to family back home in bits and pieces. I have had to use the Internet in Paul's office at school. That has made things a little tricky. Eloise hates being cooped up in Paul's office. Everything at eye level has been thrown on the floor at least 10 times. It is like 9 million degrees in Paul's office too. The server room is in a closet next to his office and that heats things up pretty well. All these forces have worked against getting things posted on the blog.

All in all things are going well. We are getting the hang of things.

Here is a list of what we have been up to for the last couple of weeks:
  • Staying up too late because it doesn't get dark until well after midnight
  • Sleeping in because we stayed up too late
  • Making blueberry pancakes
  • Picking blueberries (Eloise just grazes while we pick)
  • Riding four-wheelers
  • Needing the trailer on the four-wheeler to bring all our mail home from the post office
  • Unpacking boxes of groceries
  • Going to church
  • Playing in the school gym
  • Walking along the beach
  • Getting sand out of Eloise's mouth (she likes the taste of dirt I guess)
  • Hanging the laundry up in the living room until our dryer gets fixed
  • Airing out the house because it smells like heating oil (the filter lovely)
  • Remembering not to flush the toilet after peeing (water conservation is non-negotiable)
  • Getting used to showering every OTHER day
  • Taking afternoon naps with Eloise
  • Creating a sign so the kids know when Eloise is awake or asleep...they like to come visit A LOT
  • Cinching my belt a little tighter...I have lost some fast food around here
  • Making bread in the bread machine
  • Keeping the bathroom door closed so that Eloise doesn't play in the toilet
  • Eating PBJs for lunch with a frothy glass of powdered milk (best served chilled)
  • Wishing I had packed my can opener earlier in the packing frenzy
Some of these items Paul has missed since he was in Kotzebue for several days last week. Hopefully this gives you a sense of how we are adjusting. We are getting along with a good sense of humor to help us!

THERE WILL BE PICTURES UP SOON. I tried last Friday and something went wrong when I tried to post them. That is when the heat and the boredom got the better of Eloise and it was no use trying to keep her occupied in Paul's office.

Missing you all.

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