Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Finally here!!!
We arrived in Deering at 5 PM on Wednesday. We flew on a small single engine plane. There were 7 passengers and lots of mail. We bumped through the skies and landed on a gravel run way.
We were met by Connell the building maintenance man. He picked us up on the school 4-wheeler. It was pretty amazing to see the caravan of ATV's coming our way. We loaded up our bags (we sent our 200 lbs. of luggage ahead through an air cargo company) and hopped in the trailer of the four-wheeler.
Our humble abode is across the play ground from the school. I could throw a rock from the front door and hit the school. I could throw another one off to the left and hit the the right and hit the creek. As you can imagine things are VERY close by.
We had a steady stream of kiddos in the school yard upon arrival. They were coming out the wood work. By today we are old news...they haven't come around in quite the same numbers.
The weather has been interesting. Wednesday was lovely in the evening. Yesterday was very windy and today it cold and rainy. The blueberries are ripening as we speak. We hope to get out and pick some later today.
We are awaiting the arrival of our boxes. I cannot wait to get all of our things here. Thankfully those boxes that I sent priority 2.5 weeks ago were here when we got here. PTL! That meant that we have dishes, silverware, towels, sheets, blankets, etc. We even have our crock pot and our bread machine. The only think we are awaiting now are our groceries. We brought a few things with us on the plane. That cost a pretty penny in Kotzebue. Just image spending $25 on a bag of Tillimook shredded cheese. That hurt!
There are all sorts of things left to discover. I am sure the stories will keep coming.
I am sure you are wondering about Eloise too. Funny...I made you wait until the end to find out. She is making her adjustment. I have noticed a bit more fussiness. I know that more time with momma will be sure to cure that. She is walking a lot. She is into everything. She woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed for sure. Hopefully with a few naps she will be back to rights by this afternoon/evening.

If you would like to write us, we would love to hear from you.
Our address is (you're going to love this):
Paul, Jiorgia, or Eloise Clark
PO Box 36078
Principal's House
Deering, AK 99736

Love to everyone!!!


  1. I miss you! Sounds like the adventure is off to a good start!

  2. Seriously, who in good conscience can charge $25 for a bag of cheese!!!