Saturday, September 5, 2009


  • Will you pull my hair out of my mouth because I have fish blood all over my hands?
  • I love this place...why didn't we come here sooner?
  • I should have brought my gun when I went up the road on the Honda. We saw a brown bear.
  • The house smells good can hardly smell the diesel.
  • Oh look, that's the first time I've seen the moon since we got's so big!
  • Cheese is only $21 for 5 lbs. It must be on sale.
  • A little powdered milk and some raw sugar in my decaf almost tastes like a latte.
  • I need an ulu.
  • After I filtered the water it was only a little yellow.
  • Dang it! I forgot not to flush.
  • Hey we got our rubber boots in...let's walk down the beach.
  • 96 snickers will be enough for us until we go to Anchorage in October...don't you think.
  • Let's make a cake...but we don't have eggs...we can use mayonnaise.
  • I found a pattern to make Eloise a kuspuk.
  • Do we have to fish anymore, we have been here an hour and we already have 12 fish?!?!
  • I know what would be good for dinner?'m sick of fish.

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