Saturday, September 19, 2009

OK so I am the worst blogger EVER

My apologies for being such a terrible blogger. I have a long and worthy excuse. I don't update the blog as often as I would like to because I am thinking of you all who actually read it. That sounds a little like a Palin resignation (I am not being a quitter by quitting). Yes, I have the liberty to make a Palin joke because I live in Hockey mom land. ;) There is the wonderful wink for ya. (Oh I crack myself up). Ok, back to my excuse...I told you it was lengthy. Up here in the frigid cold arctic it takes a millennium to upload pictures. Instead of leaving you with only your imaginations I want to satisfy your appetite and give you a picture. They are worth a thousand words you know. In my thoughtfulness I have waited to update the blog until I wanted to watch my hair grow waiting for pictures to load. Unfortunately for you I thought better of it and am going to just update the dang thing without pictures. what have we been doing?
Paul recently went to Kotzebue (say it with me Kotz - e - bue or Kotz for short). He had some thrilling Principal meetings. I know you are all jealous that he gets to have so much fun. The best part of the trip was the stuff he brought when he came back. The first and best thing was a double bacon cheeseburger from the Bayside Restaurant, with fries. The other and almost equally wonderful thing was my very own ulu. It is a handcrafted ulu with an antler handle. It has a little stand that is made from a piece of an antler. I am excited to get to use it except for the fact that we have too much fish as it is. It is actually a little ridiculous. Some of the other wonderful items that Paul brought back were 2 dozen eggs, sour cream, 5 lbs. of shredded cheese, tomatoes, and avocados. I never thought I would be so excited about eggs and cheese.
It was great to have Paul back. I never sleep well when he is gone. Eloise and I get a little sick of each other when it is just the two of us. We were so happy to have the Daddy in this house back where he belongs.

On Friday Eloise and I went to Paul's school to do an art project with his middle school students. I had planned on doing it on Monday, but didn't get a chance because Eloise slept all afternoon. We made name bugs or name totems depending on what the names looked like after they were cut out. It was a fun project. The kids did well. After a little lunch duty Eloise and I walked the 50 feet to our front door.

Today we slept in. Ahhh wasn't that nice? I love sleeping in. I love waking up to Eloise kneeling next to me in bed, looking at me with her nose almost touching mine, and then when my eyes flutter open, hearing her giggle. It is the best!

The tide was pretty low today, exposing a long sand bar. We decided to get our rubber boots on and go for a walk on it. Many of the kids were already out there playing on the sand bar. Some had their bikes out there too. The sun was blinding this morning and the air was crisp. We walked about calf deep into the water. We have heard that there times when the tide gets really low and you can see tide pools with star fish and other sea creatures in them. The only sea creatures we saw were dead jellyfish and one tiny live one. One of the kids was having fun dumping clumps of wet sand on it. I am not sure what that will do to a jelly fish.

This will really blow your hair back. We went to a cake walk and bake sale this afternoon. I had a cup of fruit salad and Paul had a pizza roll (like a cinnamon roll minus the cinnamon...add pizza stuff instead). We won a cake. It is half gone and I writing this at 8:30 pm. I know, I know...shame on us. I feel alright about it. I have lost 10 or 15 pounds since I moved up here. It really is crazy. Don't worry we had a healthy dinner to offset the cake consumption. We had squash casserole. Funny, even way up here I have too many zucchini and squash. How does that work?

Much love to all of you. I hope that you are sweating right now as you enjoy your beautiful Indian summer. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and feel free to send us cards, cash, and other items of value.

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