Monday, October 19, 2009

curve balls...the wrong kind

Let's start from the beginning. Eloise threw up three time Friday. We figured it was due to snacking on Momma's seafood chowder which was a bit on the rich side. Well it turns out that she was the first casualty of a lovely stomach virus. On Saturday night I started a puke-a-thon. It was very unpleasant as you can imagine. I had an 8 PM to 4 AM run. I followed it up with a grand finale at 2:20 PM. Paul took me to minor emergency. They gave me a shot to relieve the nausea. That was the up turn. I was able to fall asleep early in the evening. I got an early start on sleeping which was fortunate because Paul held his own barf rally which began at 1:15 am Monday morning. I am praying that Eloise's episode was over and done with on Friday. I don't want her to experience what Paul or I went through.
I am feeling better and Paul is on the mend. Sleeping on the bathroom floor has made him sore. He is making up for lost sleep by getting much needed cat naps. This morning I felt well enough to take Eloise out to breakfast and to finish up my shopping. Thank heavens for that. Priorities people, priorities.
The unfortunate thing about Paul and I getting sick is that I don't think I plan to have a caesar salad anytime soon and Paul will turn up his nose at Mexican food for quite some time.
It is clear that we live isolated lives in Deering. No shopping carts with nasty germs on them, etc. As you can imagine we are looking forward to getting home. We have been staying in lovely hotels; however, they are no substitute for home. I wonder if it common for people who live in the bush to get sick shortly after arriving back in large populated areas. Hmmmm. Something to ponder.

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