Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's with all the white people?

We arrived in Anchorage late Tuesday. It was a mad dash getting out of the village. We had another Inupiaq day. It was packed end to end with activities for the kids. The kids started with Eskimo games, like: scissor broad jump, seal hop, forehead push, ear pull, broom carry, soda cracker whistle and others. After lunch, Elders shared stories and Eskimo legends with the kids. The kids decorated kites (a shout out to Kites...on a Roll from What's Up Kites). They decorated them with their favorite animal and the Inupiaq value that meant something to them (here is a list of them: http://www.nwarctic.org/Schools/kmhs/Inupiaq_values.htm). At the end of the day Robert and Gilford skinned and cut up a caribou. I am most excited about getting a leg...some variety to offset the fish we have been eating.

After all this we hopped on a little plane. We were its only passengers. Our luggage was two suitcases and 3 Rubbermaid totes that we plan to send back filled with groceries. We ordered double bacon cheeseburgers from the Empress to eat before we got on the jet for Anchorage(there is a difference between a plane and a jet up here). We were to make a stop in Nome. We circled around Nome for about an hour before landing...weather issues. Paul and I both noted that most of the people in the plane were sitting in the back. On a regular flight between Kotzebue and Anchorage you can only sit in the back of the plane. The entire front half is set up to carry containers for mail. We aren't used to getting to sit anywhere other than the back of the plane.

We arrive here with a sleeping baby. She stayed asleep through the the rigamarole of getting the luggage and car. It was the car seat that woke her up. She cried all the way to the hotel. We got to rent a mini-van. I found that I wouldn't mind driving one. I feel like a total soccer mom. To save $5 a day I am the only driver. I am the chauffeur for a baby and a daddy. I am amazed at the automatic sliding doors. I can open/close the doors by pushing buttons. It is great. It is much different from riding around on a Honda.

This morning we woke up and took Eloise to the pediatrician. We were told about Dr. Tulip from a NWC parent who used to live up here. Talk about a fantastic doctor. It was a great experience. I am so glad that we landed in his care. Eloise is 30.75 inches tall and 21 lbs 4.8 oz. She is in the 70th percentile for height and the 30th percentile for weight. We filled out a bit of a questionnaire about her development. She was at the top of the charts. She is well above average for 14 months. It was the first of many "proud parent" moments.

We have noticed while here in Anchorage that there are an awful lot of white people. We are used to being a minority in a small sea of mocha colored faced. We already miss our friends and neighbors in Deering. We look forward to getting our shopping done and being back where a car seat is as about as useful as a swimming suit in January. We look forward to being back in the land of Hondas (synonymous with ATV) and parkas.

While here in Anchorage our cell phones have service. My charger is broken so it will only be Paul's phone you can get us on. Oh and on another note: we are stoked to take a shower everyday and to flush instead of let it mellow! :)

Love to you all!!!

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  1. Hey! I'll try to phone you two. Glad to hear that Miss E. G. Clark is brilliant, tall, lithe and her usual presence in the space. Love to you all! T-Smack