Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Better Day...for travel, but not plumbing

Today proved better all around for airplane travel. Paul was able to fly to Anchorage today. He left on the morning flight out of Deering. The weather was significantly more mild, though we had about 6 inches more snow. The temperatures warmed a bit, a whopping 19 degrees. There was a steady breeze from the southwest. Interestingly that meant that our ice got blown out to sea. At 1:00 when I went to the school to use the restroom (because we still cannot let anything drain at our house...just wait, there is more about that in a minute) the ice had moved out about 50 feet. When Eloise and I woke up from our nap at 4:00, there was only dark water as far as the eye could see. It will go back and forth like this for a while...freeze and drift, freeze and drift.

I was really hoping that things would be resolved with our waste water pump. The part was supposed to come on this morning flight for the pump. A part got here, unfortunately not the part that was needed to get us back draining. After Eloise and I woke up from our afternoon nap (yep, I took one with here), I found out that delightful piece of information. One more day of plumbing abstinence. No shower  and no toilet for another day. Last night Paul and I hit the school showers. It was just more than we could handle to wait it out. With shower shoes in hand we cleaned up locker room style. It really was a wonderful shower. I felt squeaky clean. I love being clean!

The dirty dishes were starting to grow legs and walk around the house; I had to clean up. It was grossing me out. I put tubs in the sink, washed the dishes, then hooked up the dishwasher. It is one of those portable kind that connects right to the faucet. I collected the water in the tubs and dumped it outside. It was a good solution. If only I could rig something up with the washing machine. I think I am out of luck there.

I feel slightly compelled to give you an excuse as to why I was napping with Eloise. Trust me it is a legit. one. I swear. Last night she had a fever of 101. I was up late because I couldn't sleep until she was sleeping soundly and cooler. I think that she was feverish because of the ENORMOUS swollen lumps on her gums. She has teeth coming in. Poor kid, four teeth pushing mercilessly toward the giant lump in each quadrant.

Well, that is really all I've got. When you are flushing the toilet or enjoying a steamy shower, think of us. Maybe you could even say a little prayer for us and our waste water pump.
Love to all!


  1. Don't you feel bad for one second for napping with that sweet girl! Do it while you can mama- these are times to cherish!

  2. I sort of thought I had "outgrown" that. ;) Guess not. Napping with Eloise is bliss. There is nothing better than curling up with a quiet and peaceful toddler.