Sunday, November 15, 2009

The UPs and the DOWNs

By Friday afternoon our waste water pump was up and running. The first order of business was to take a SHOWER. I think I have learned my lesson in regards to bathing. I do not plan to linger in my jammies and sip another cup of tea before getting in the shower. First things first! Get up, get it done, because you never know what will stand in your way. So, this morning when Eloise and I were still in bed and the school generator rumbled on, we made haste to the tub. I didn't want some "surprise" like Connell coming to the door to tell me that I couldn't use the water while the generator was running. Luckily that didn't happen. I am squeaky-clean and the generator has kicked off. I think that means we are in the clear. I am crossing my fingers.

Paul comes home this afternoon. It was hard having him gone. Eloise and I get a little sick of each other by the end of it. He had a productive trip. When I skyped with him this morning, he said that one of the tubs he sent home weighed 69 lbs and 15.75 oz. The limit is 70 lbs. I call that good packing. Impressive! Unfortunately, he leaves AGAIN Monday afternoon for meetings at the district office in Kotzebue and will be back Wednesday morning. Argh! When Paul travels it isn't like he gets to jump back into business-as-usual. He ends up having to work extra to get caught up with school demands. It is a double whammy. We lose him while he is gone and then we lose him after he gets back because he has to work late.

We are back to a frozen ocean. Last time the vista was smooth and uniform. The ice is chunky this time. Large bobbing blocks of ice are locked into place by the second freeze. The weather is clear and bright today. I am glad for the sunshine because when it is overcast here it just makes things gloomy. The sun rises at 10:30 in them morning and makes a fast race through the southern sky to set at 4:30. There is a monotony of darkness. Eloise and I get up between 7:30 and 8:30. That can mean a couple hours before that southeastern sky starts to warm with the light of the sun. I am faithfully taking my vitamin D and I am flooding the house with light, but I think in 3 weeks when we have lost 3 MORE hours of daylight, I will look forward to a cheerful, bright winter day in Spokane.

Interesting Movie: While Paul was gone I watched The Duchess. Talk about a good movie to mentally gnaw on for a while. I am used to watching those period movies that end with a romantic happy ending. That is why I have 3 versions of Pride and Prejudice sitting in my DVD collection. Watching The Duchess sheds more light on the reality of that time period. Being a woman, aristocrat or not, had more potential to be miserable than charmed or delightful. It has given me something to really think about. The movie is based on a book written about Georgiana the Duchess of Devonshire. I think I will try to get my hands on it. I am intrigued about the life of this woman. The movie is PG-13 (probably should have been rated R). It is pretty heavy and not really a good date movie or family movie. It is a good sober woman's movie. It leaves you feeling very sisterly with all other women in the human race.

Miss you all!

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