Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving and other tales

I resisted the urge to post last week. I wanted to tell you all about our first Thanksgiving, but I would have had to include that we were not able to drain water again. I didn't want you all to think that I only post when I have plumbing problems.

Yes, we had plumbing problems again. It was week of honey buckets and showers at the school. I am not complaining. I came here willingly and aware of the draw backs. Paul may be complaining since he was the one who had to empty the honey bucket (in Eloise's words: eeewww yucky). It was an adventure preparing food for holiday meals without being able to drain any water. Other than my laundry piling up and a smelly bathroom we fared well.

We had a guest for the Thanksgiving holiday. I know you are wondering who is crazy enough to visit us up here. Not to worry. It wasn't someone from the lower 48. We were the temporary home for Miah. Miah is a lively 4th grader here in Deering. His extended family went to Anchorage for Thanksgiving, but he was unable to go along with them. We had the pleasure of attempting to not be too boring for him. There were some times where we just couldn't help it. On Sunday morning I made Miah help me with dishes. I washed, he dried them, and Paul put them away. One of his friends called to see if he could "play out". As soon as we were done, Miah was out the door so fast. I am sure he was thinking that he didn't want to get roped into any more chores.

As for Thanksgiving we had two feasts. Contrary to common assumption we DID have turkey. It was about as typical a Thanksgiving as we are accustomed to. There were mashed potatoes, jello masquerading as fruit salad, stuffing, candied yams, rolls, etc. We ate with the Stewart's next door at 1:00 and then with the village at 6:00. There was dry fish at the village gathering, but no seal oil or beluga, no salmon or caribou. The company was extraordinary. It is at these moments when Paul and I just look at each other and smile. I know what I am thinking: will someone pinch me...this must be a dream. Paul may be smiling for other reasons, like: Oh I just passed gas..hehehe. I am pretty sure we are on the same page though, about how wonderful it is to live here. I know that many in our lives see this as combat duty; in our estimation it couldn't be further from that. This is not a hardship to live here. I do not believe anyone, no matter how tied to consumerism and their local spa,  wouldn't be so warmed by the spirit of the people here. I just cannot imagine that anyone could find this place detestable.

We have been steadily streaming a wide array of Christmas tunes this week. We actually started the Christmas music early, but don't tell anyone. OK? OK! We have been getting in the holiday spirit. I think this might be the first Christmas in a long time that Christmas comes right on schedule for me. I remember Christmas breaks in the past where I come sliding into the holidays only to find that I am ready two weeks later to be in the Christmas spirit. I am feeling it this year and I have two weeks to go.

Eloise and I will be traveling on Monday the 7th. We are so excited to visit family and friends in Spokane. Please pray for our safety and also would you pray for our health? Yesterday Eloise started that rattling cough that I have heard from everyone else's kid. I was hoping it wouldn't darken our door. Unfortunately, my 16-month-old sounds like a two-pack a day kind of girl. Thankfully she isn't acting sick. She isn't plagued by lethargy or anything like that. She is bee-bopping around the house as usual.One more prayer need...on our way  back to Deering, we start our journey on the 23rd. We will hopefully make it back to Deering on the morning flight on the 24th. If weather becomes a problem Eloise and I could be stuck in Kotzebue until the 27th. Bering Air doesn't fly on the 25th or the 26th. I DO NOT want to get stuck in Kotz until the 27th. Please pray for the weather to be favorable for travel on the 24th.

Hopefully we will see many of you while we are home...if not, We wish you a very Merry Christmas. May you experience Christ in a powerful way during this season of celebration of his birth.

Blessings to you all!

I will have my cell phone with me in Spokane: 993-9372

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